- XBOX 360 repairs service in Toronto area, Ontario, GTA, also @ your home



" I would like to thank you for fixing the xbox, you made two kids very happpy. You have a super tallent, all the best. Dana " - Dana (email) on 02/15/2014

" Went to see Adrian last week. He has done am excellent job reviving my white old Xbox360 back to life from a Error E18. I totally recommend Adrian to anyone who needs to get a dead 360 back to life. " - Tony (email) on 01/07/2013

" I recently encountered the dreaded E74 code. Adrian fixed it up in 15 minutes. Even fixed it so the fans seems to run with more power to keep the Xbox cooler. thanks " - gene on 01/07/2013

" I required a module as mine was causing problems with the controller connecting and leaving one of the four green lights on the ring burnt out. Adrian walked in did the fix and left before I could even make a pot of coffee. My machine behaves like new and right out of the box. Many thanks. " - Peter (email) on 05/04/2012

" Adrian was great to work with. I dropped the XBox off at his place and he followed up with me twice when I was unable to pick it up as first planned. Would recommend to anyone and I would definitely call him again inthe future. " - Mark (email) on 01/29/2012

" Great work and very fast. Adrian fixed my 3 red ring problem about a week ago and it has been running great since. Will definitely go back if I have any other problems. " - Andrew Bellissimo on 07/03/2011

" I found Adrian from a website search as I was in need of upgrades to my Xbox and help with my wireless system. And am I glad I did. He is by far honest, pleasant, knowledgeable and more than fair with his prices. Stop looking for someone to help you with your matter what it is computer wise...Adrian will take care of it and fast. Thank you so much for your help. Peter. " - Peter (email) on 06/03/2011

" Had the 3 red rings of death. Adrian had great communication with e-mails, quick fast service, great suggestions, and X-Box 360 working with no problems now. Dropped it off, and before I could finish with some paperwork and e-mails he was done and I was on my way home. Thanks Adrian, I was really looking forward to trying out the new Map packs, ran for the first hour with no problems " - Michael on 05/05/2011

" I live in Nova Scotia and my son had damaged our xbox 360. I contact Adrian via email, and sent him my damaged machine. He was fast repairing it and sending it back to us. Thanks Adrian " - Stuart (email) on 03/25/2011

" I had the hated 'three red lights' problem with my xBOX 360 so when I found Adrian on the 'net' I got in touch with him via email. Several hours later on the same day I dropped off the machine for him, had a coffee and read the newspaper nearby and 'presto' my machine was ready and it's now working perfectly. No shipping to Microsoft or some faceless 'repair' place, waiting for weeks and costing $$$$!!! Adrian fixed it easily, quickly and very affordably! Adrian is THE BEST!!!! If you're having trouble with your Xbox take it to Adrian the Genius!!! " - Mark on 02/21/2011

" Best service repair ever. Worth the drive to TO. Got the 1-ring E74 error. It was either buy a new 360 box, Send it in for repair for 3 months for $150.00 or have Adrian work on it for less than the 2 put together. Inexpensive even. In under 10-15 minutes, the error was gone. Recommended to keep a fan near it and voila. Error free. Thank you so much. Adrian knows what he's doing and I'll definitely recommend him to everyone and anyone. " - Marianne G (email) on 02/11/2011

" I have been playing my Xbox a few hours a day since Adrian fixed it. He fixed it one Saturday morning in 40 minutes, which included the new heatsink. This guy really knows his stuff, do not hesitate to have your Xbox fixed using his service. I am a very satisfied customer. Great communication as well. " - Shawn (email) on 11/04/2010

" Adrian was easy to get in touch with and he replied to my emails really quickly. He was available right away, and when he arrived he was cool guy to talk to and it was obvious he knew exactly what he was doing. He took care of the problem like a professional. You can trust him with your Xbox, I would do business with him again in a second! " - Shahrukh (email) on 09/09/2010

" This guy knows what he's doing. I got him to repair an e74 error on my 360, and fixed it in almost no time. You can trust adrian with your problems. He will help anyone " - David (email) on 09/06/2010

" I sent my xbox 360 on the 7th of June and arrived on the 15th of june and the person fixed it from the 15th to the 17th and he said he fixed it and it is running and tested it so when I get it back it will be as good as new, I would recommend this service 2 anyone and everyone. " - Josh MacMullin (email) on 06/17/2010

" This guy is cool, fixed my 360 in less than half an hour. I went to his place and did not waste any time. He is good and friendly. This guy knows what he is doing. " - Patrick (email) on 05/11/2010

" Thanks so much! Adrian was a very personable person, reliable and very quick to respond back to your email(s) ASAP... Definitely someone I would recommend!! Thanks for the efficient service!!! " - Grace (email) on 11/21/2009

" Adrian was professional, knew exactly what he had to do as soon as i told him my problem with my xbox 360, and fixed it right away. good guy, and i will go back to him for any other electronic problems i have in the future cheers Adrian " - joe on 11/16/2009

" Adrian fixed my xbox elite in 30min. Was 100% satisfied with the repair. He briefly described to me what the issue was and what he did to improve it. Great customer service and will do business again if xbox fails on me again. " - Anthony Leung (email) on 11/15/2009

" Adrian kicks ass! " - Travis (email) on 10/23/2009

" W.O.W. i juss wanna say that Adrian thank u very much u r a life saver had my xbox up and running in a half hour came to my house and he did his thang now i don't have to send it to Microsoft and now i don't have to wait that long period of waiting juss in time for that new call of duty.. thanx a lot Adrian " - Michael Luna Whittier CA, (email) on 10/21/2009

" I have a Xbox360 that I've had since 2007, and just experienced the Red Ring Of Death(RROD). I was going to send my console back to the factory but didn't want to wait a month...while it went to Texas and back. I highly recommend FIX360GUY for your Xbox360 repair! I just took my RROD XBOX360 to him here in Long Beach and 30min and $40 dollars later it was working great again! And the best part, the factory seals are not broken by the repairs. The shipping alone would have been $ gimmicks, just a computer repair expert that knows XBOX360's. " - Brian on 10/13/2009

" I had started having video problems with my Xbox 360 Elite. Then both Component and HDMI stopped working. Adrian got my system back up and running in what must have been less than an hour. I'm glad I didn't make the mistake of sending it to Microsoft. Thanks for the rescue! " - John (email) on 08/19/2009

" My Xbox was repaired twice for RROD by another guy on Craigslist... twice in 2 weeks for the same issue. I sent my sick box to Adrian on a Thursday and had it back in my hands on Monday. It's working great and will definitely rely on his services in the future. " - K.C. (email) on 07/08/2009

" I had no audio/video output from the 360. I drove to his apartment and he fixed it in one hour. I've played it a lot since, and it works fine. The thing that you have to realize is that it is cheaper than paying microsoft $99 to fix it (since my warentee is up), and much faster than mailing it to microsoft as well, which takes a couple of weeks. " - Joseph (email) on 07/06/2009

" Wow, I really am glad I found Adrian he fixed the E-74 error message on my kids X-box 360 in just under 40 min. Thanks " - Prince Cole (email) on 07/02/2009

" I had the 3 rings, but did not want to wait forever to get my 360 back from MS. Contacted the Fix360Guy, took it to him & had my Xbox back in 30 minutes. It was that easy. Great service by a professional. Highly recommend! " - Ron (email) on 06/28/2009

" Granted, you have to work around 1 mans schedule- he is very quick and str8 to the point. Quoted me 30 minutes to fix on my E74, and it was done in 31 :) Thx amigo, great work! " - Gabriel on 06/22/2009

" I've been ripped off by two other sites claiming to fix my Xbox 360. One said it would be 350 dollars to fix 3 RROD and the other one still has it! They never contacted me back. I was a little worried about sending mine to Fix360guy but he responded to all of me e-mails fast and explained everything. Also, fixed 2 RROD and sent it out in a few days, completely 100% satisfied!!! " - LeX415 (email) on 06/13/2009

" When I turned on the 360 for my early morning gaming fix this Friday I saw the RROD. I knew I needed to get it fixed ASAP so it wouldn't be a no gaming weekend. Emailed Adrian this morning, he promptly returned my call and we scheduled a home visit for the early evening. I could observe he's done a bunch of these repairs because we talked while he worked and he barely had to look what he was doing... it was obvious he could perform these fixes in his sleep. Good to know I have someone with experience operating on my baby. Now, I'm back playing tonight (Too Human, way underated game) He was quick, professional, and friendly... Highly recommended! Thanks Adrian! " - David 'veryDarksplinky' Hudak (email) on 05/29/2009

" Called Adrian @ 11:30 on a Saturday, dropped off my xbox @ noon, and was playing COD by 1:30. This guy is totally professional. Beats the hell out of going through Microsoft! " - J on 05/25/2009

" fast fix, my xbox360 broke last night, googled "repair xbox360 los angeles", called him the next morning, appointment at 7.30pm,dropped to my box to his place, 8pm, and it's fixed. " - Bobby the Pogi on 05/22/2009

" Friendly, professional, and intelligent. Fixed two of my Xbox's very fast! " - Mukul on 04/15/2009

" Thank you Adrian for the great service you have provided. In under an hour you had my 360 up and running. For those of you who need your 360 repaired, I don't think that you can find a more honest and friendly guy than Adrian is. He knows the insides of the xBox like the back of his hand, therefor he knows what he is doing. Thanks Adrian. " - Todd (email) on 04/15/2009

" Fast ,Easy professional waited thirty minutes and he was done.Would recommend to all my friends " - Angel, Sylmar CA (email) on 04/08/2009

" Adrian has already fixed one of my broken xboxs and will be fixing another one for me. He is a great guy, very friendly & offers a great service. I highly recommend him to anyone who needs xbox repairs " - Tyler (email) on 03/27/2009

" Awesome!!!! Fixed my X-Box360 in less than an hour. I will highly recommend him to all my friends " - Gerardo (email) on 03/05/2009

" Thanks for the repair man! Fixed it within the hour as promised, and even showed some snowboarding vids on his tv. AWESOME! if any of my friends have problems with their Xboxes, I would totally recommend him. " - Jon on 03/04/2009

" Fixed my xbox within 30 mins and has worked great ever since. Very friendly and I highly recommend him for fixing your xbox if you do not wish to go through microsoft or your warranty has expired. Thanks!!! " - Dustin on 02/24/2009

" excellent service, great response time. emailed him on friday and got my xbox fixed by tuesday. very nice guy, very laid back..fixed my xbox very quick. would def go again if anything happens with my xbox. would recommend to everybody " - Otto (email) on 02/17/2009

" Adrian came out to me after weeks of rescheduling on both parts (very accommodating) and took my RRoD XBox 360 and had it fixed in about 45 minutes. Super cool guy who makes the process easy and relaxing. Happy I paid him $65 as opposed to breaking my XBox by trying it myself. " - Tim (email) on 02/06/2009

" Adrian is very personable and very professional. I had a few beers down the street and before I knew it my xbox was fixed. " - mike on 02/05/2009

" great service with an even greater price of the aforementioned great service. my 360 elite finally got the RROD after 3yrs so i contacted adrian that i'm bringing my brick over to his place to be fixed. once there, he fixed it within 45min. he's a cool d00d so don't hesitate to get your bricks fixed by him. i highly recommend his services. not many repair services offer a guarantee either and adrian offers a 30day guarantee on his work. " - LD on 01/28/2009

" Adrian is a real nice guy cool cat he did what he had to do so i can get back to plaing my xbox360 and the price was real cool. i will tell my homies that get the 3 red ring to hit him up ....... " - Will aka siryogie on 01/26/2009

" Adrian is the man, he fixed my 360 in about 30 mins. Dropped it off, went and got some food and he was done. COOL guy if i ever have a problem im going to contact him again. " - Moe (email) on 12/15/2008

" Adrian, Thanks for dropping by and fixing the RROD on my xbox. Works great and I'll remember to keep the unit cool in the future. " - Chris Leslie on 12/14/2008

" Adrian, I want to thank you for the great work you did on my Xbox-360, it works great.. better than new and runs alot cooler too, thanks for the new dvd drive and the extra cooling fans. Super quick service and very professional!!! He knows his stuff. " - Jason Ortiz (email) on 12/13/2008

" man i had both an audio video problem and the red ring problem and he fixed my 360 in less than 30 min thanks a lot man you are a life saver " - Mercedes Ordonez (email) on 12/05/2008

" I have had Adrian come to my place to work on my Xbox which had RROD (Red Ring of Death). He is amazingly proficient at what he does, and RROD is fixed, of course. " - Tony Cho (email) on 11/20/2008

" very nice work, he had it done in about 15-20 minutes, and it works perfectly. " - Vince (email) on 11/15/2008

" I gave Adrian my xbox360 on a wednesday and the following day he had it fixed already. now it's working perfectly. Good service, fast turn-around, and delivers as promised. Not to mention, the price is very affordable. " - Steve C. on 10/20/2008

" "He's the best he doesnt cahrge you much like microsoft and takes only a few minutes to fix it other like microsoft it takes about a month and a half i told all my friends and cousins who have an xbox 360 and will come every time my xbox has a problem " - Brandon (email) on 10/06/2008

" My XBOX stopped putting out a video signal on a Wednesday. On Thursday, I found this site while searching for authorized XBOX repairmen. I called Adrian on Thursday and made an appointment with him for Friday. I drove down to his place on Friday and had my fixed XBOX back in 15 minutes. It was AMAZING! He saved my weekend! I highly recommend Adrian for any XBOX repairs. " - Jerry Cortes, Test Lead @ THQ on 09/29/2008

" "sent my xbox 360 from the philippines just to get it fixed...found adrian.....didnt show up after a few emails.....thought he was a magnificent night.....he showed up.....fixed my machine....pulled it off!! it was worth the wait...thanx man....." " - jan lucero -gamer on 09/21/2008

" The best repair you can find...done in less then 30 you can trust at a price you cant beat...thanks Adrian " - Derek (email) on 09/16/2008

" WOOT!! I drove from Bakersfield to Long Beach to have Adrian fix the DVD-Drive in my 360. It took him only 30mins. to install the new drive and to add two cooling fans to my system. My 360 is working great. Thanks much Adrian. " - Tony (email) on 09/08/2008

" I am most pleased!!! Our X-Box 360 had a unplayable disk problem. Adrian had the unit repaired within a hour! Very reasonable prices and a great business attitude. I WILL refer him to any one has a X-box 360 problem!!! " - Bill on 08/23/2008

" My xbox got the RROD the day I got a game that I was waiting forever to come in the mail. I shot Adrian an email and he was able to fix my RROD the very next day. He is a life saver. " - Doug E. (email) on 08/21/2008

" Adrian unfortunately was not able to fix our system (Hitachi Drive crapped out). He was upfront that he probably couldn't fix it and made a good attempt at a repair. Since the drive was dead he could not retrieve the code to fix our box. (Customer not charged - added by fix360guy) " - Daveg on 08/12/2008

" This guy Adrian is the best!You got a problem with your 360 he can fix it.Friendly service, knows what he's doing ,fast and very affortable.Thanks Andrian! " - rex reyes (email) on 07/26/2008

" Wow, adrian is the best, My 360 was a victim of the red of death and he came to my houes and fix it in like 15 mins. I was so amazed on how fast he fix it. If anybody's 360 has the Red Ring problem, call adrian now! Thanks again dude " - Richard (email) on 07/24/2008

" adrian really knows his stuff when repairing 360 consoles. if you want to have your console repaired quick, adrian is the guy for it. i shipped out my console with a prepaid return label and had my console back in 2 business days. keep up the good work. " - raphael (email) on 07/17/2008

" Adrian delivered as promised with a smile and some very good advise to avoid this problem in the future at a more then fair price..I would recommened him to anyone..Thanks Adrian " - sean monahan (email) on 07/10/2008

" Very impressed with Adrian's work and professionalism....he fixed my 360 in what seemed like a few minutes and had a great attitude and personality! I'm going to tell all my friends about him! He's the best! " - Javier (email) on 07/01/2008

" wow both xbox 360 work like brand new! well worth the money. thankzZz! " - tony on 06/19/2008

" Went to his place today and fixed my xbox less than 30min. would recommend him. He also gave me advices. " - Zach on 06/18/2008

" Adrian Came N Fixed My 360 In Less than 30 Minutes N Its Been Workin fine Since Then I Recommend HimIf U Got The RROD Problem " - Jose on 06/12/2008

" Adrian was extremely easy to work with; just email him, arrange a drop-off time, wait about an hour and come pick it up. Instead of sending the Xbox360 to Microsoft for 4 weeks he repaired it in 60 minutes. And for way less. I highly recommend him! " - Joshua on 06/11/2008

" Very fast, very capable and very reasonable!! Adrian fixed my 360 the same day and I never had problems again. Highly recommended! " - Christiano on 06/05/2008

" Adrian fixed my XB360 system and was very easy to work with awsome job. Will tell all my gamer friends... " - Peter (email) on 06/04/2008

" This guy knows his stuff. Dropped off a couple of systems for repair and he got the job done as promised. Systems work great and can be left on for the whole day without any issues. Would gladly do business with him again if I get more systems that need repair! " - Bill K (email) on 06/02/2008

" Very happy with the service. Adrian knows what he is doing, very fast and professional. If any future problems with 360 I will definitely call Adrian first. " - Bobby on 05/07/2008

" Everything went as planned! Adrian is great!It feels food to be able to play my games again! Thanks Adrian. " - Jim on 05/05/2008

" Adrian is very helpful and a great guy! I went to his place and he had my xbox up and running in no time. He knows what he's doing thank you Adrian I will comeback for any other services " - Dre (email) on 05/01/2008

" Adrian is good guy went to his place to get the xcm fan installed but when he opened my 360 i have the heat sink so he told me its better that way " - Will on 04/08/2008

" Adrian is awesome, got my Xbox 360 working in no time. Highly recommended and will look for him for future services. Thanks again Adrian, you're the man! " - Jamyl De Los Santos (email) on 04/08/2008

" Adrian was awesome! Nicest dude ever. Fixed my 360 in way under an hour. Works perfectly! Highly recommended. I'm so glad i didn't send my 360 to microsoft...Once again, this guy knows what he's doing! " - Henry (email) on 04/03/2008

" Adrian is tha Man! Was skeptical at first, Had him come over to fix the 360. He came in and went to work, was done in less than 30 mins. Fixed and restored a 360 that was gonna be a trashed. For everybody who has a 360 and have the 3 Red lights, Give Adrian a call, Great service and reasonable Price! " - Robert (email) on 03/31/2008

" Thanks again Adrian!!! My 360 dvd drive started acting up, not playing games, error messages & the works. Emailed Adrian on Friday & come to find out my dvd drive was on the verge of "DYING" & needed to be replaced. He brought over a couple of new dvd drives to make sure he had the correct one & in 1 hr my xbox 360 was working flawless with out any issues at all, like brand new. Appreciate it Adrian!!! " - Jeric (email) on 03/31/2008

" Adrian! You definitely know your stuff!!! I was getting funky lines on my screen and freezing and within half an hour he fixed it. AMAZING JOB!!! I also had him install an additional fan to cool the system and it works perfect!!!! Anyone who has any issues with their XBOX 360 contact Adrian. He is so very technical and very detail oriented. He knows what he is talking about. Go see him if you are experiencing any problems with your XBOX 360. I paid $90 including the $20 for the additional fan and it is worth it!!! I felt the system before adding the fan after playng for 3 minutes and it was hot. After installing the fan, it glows green and the system is coll to the touch. Good investment. Dont forget that the XBOX 360s are made in China so if you have any problems, I would mail your system or take it there personally to get it fixed. " - Cody Boychuk (owner on 03/21/2008

" adrian is great. i took my xbox360 to his place and he fixed it in less than 1/2 hour. nice guy too. i recommend him to everyone who has to deal with microsofts crap and their xbox's breaking down. " - Robert T. (email) on 03/09/2008

" Adrian is awesome! He fixed mine 'bout a month ago and it still works like new! And I'm a pretty hardcore gamer! Hell yeah I'm gonna tell all my friends 'bout his top-notch work! " - Josh (email) on 02/24/2008

" Adrian did a real good and fast job fixing my 360 in less then in hour he had my 360 ready with the new fan system. " - Jay (email) on 02/11/2008

" Adrian fixed our XBOX 360 in less than an hour! We will tell all of our gaming friends about his great service, prices and availability. " - Clark & Alec B. (email) on 02/03/2008

" Adrian’s service is 5 Star! I was going to send in my 360 to microsoft, but did not want to wait for over a month to get my box back. I looked everywhere and found I did not know what to expect, my 360 was dead, so I figured, “What the Hec”, and gave him a call. Let me just say It has been around 6 months since and my 360 works beautifully!!!! I did not write a testimonial sooner because I wanted to see if the FIX stood the test of time, and it still works great!!!!! Thanks Adrian! " - Alex Romo (email) on 01/29/2008

" adrian was great fix my 360 in less than a week and charged less than microsoft all around great service 360 works great now " - Ryan C. (email) on 01/25/2008

" This guy ROCKS!!!!!!!!I shipped him my 360 and had it back in 2 days...Forget about sending it to Microsoft, Adrian is the real XBOX 360 Man....Thanks for everything " - Mario R (email) on 01/16/2008

" Adrian did a fantastic job! He is very personable and has a great attitude. My kids loved watching him repair their system. I would recommend him to anybody that has a problem with their Xbox!!! " - Peter & Diana on 01/10/2008

" i left my xbox at his house on my lunch break by the time i got out of work it was ready adrian is the shit good fucken service " - fernando (email) on 01/08/2008

" Adrian is a stud. Fixed my RRoD in unver an hour. I will definitely recommend him to all my gaming friends and be back should the need ever arise. " - Nick H (email) on 01/05/2008

" Drove down to his house said he would be home at 12:00pm for his lunch to fix it, got there around 11:45 ate lunch. By twelve he was ready about an hour later told us to meet up with him at staples, gave us directions, got there handed us the xbox said it was fixed was kinda sketchy thinking it wouldn't work when we got home, but it did.. Great guy, good shit " - Daniel (email) on 01/05/2008

" My Xbox 360 had the RRoD and this guy saved it. Adrian is "The Man." Not only did he fix my system, but he fixed it less than a hour and was extremely friendly and professional. This guy is the real deal. "You're the Man, Adrian!" " - Lonnie (email) on 01/04/2008

" Adrian did as he promised I took him my 360 and within an hour my 360 was working great and still is, he was very professional and answered all my questions with no problem. so if your looking for someone to fix your 360 he's your man!! Once again thanks Adrian " - Tony on 01/03/2008

" Adrian was great, very professional. He fixed my 360 overnight and when I came to pick it up he even gave me a ride back to the metro station! Keep up the great work dude! " - Alex on 12/31/2007

" I called Adrian on Saturday it was fixed the same day. He most defitnetly knows what he's doing. I strongly recommend him to anybody. Thanx dude " - Henry B on 12/27/2007

" Adrian was great. I sent him an e-mail telling him my problem around noon and by 7pm my XBox was fixed and working great. What would have taken Microsoft 5-8 weeks, Adrian was able to fix in an hour! Amazing! I will definitely recommend Adrian to my friends! " - Jeff on 12/27/2007

" Adrian was awesome. He came over and fixed my XBOX without a problem. Super professional and super fast. " - Josh on 12/23/2007

" This is a fantastic service. If you need your deck repaired and you don't want to send it back to the hacks at Microsoft, this is the place for you. My deck was having severe video problems, enough to the point where I couldn't play anything. Adrian came to my house and picked up the deck from me. I didn't have to ship it anywhere. He fixed the problem for me in TWO DAYS. Microsoft would have taken more than a month. He also charges less than the hacks at Microsoft do. The intercooler he recommended was also a big help. I will definitely be telling all my friends about his service. Thanks again, Adrian. Great work. " - RG - Fountain Valley, CA on 12/22/2007

" Adrian repaired my 360 in under 30 minutes! Amazing service. What more could you ask for? fast repair and great customer service. If your system is broken don't look elsewhere just contact Adrian ASAP you will not be disappointed. " - Al on 11/14/2007

" I went through someone else to have an xbox360 fixed and was ripped off. Adrian came to my house amd FIXED MY XBOX 360 IN NO TIME AT ALL. i would recommend Adrian TO EVERYONE. Adrian is fast, professional and a all around nice guy. HE IS GREAT AT HIS SKILL. " - Max (email) on 11/08/2007

" This guy is amazing! He fixed my 360 in no time. Very nice guy and easy to talk to. Answers any of your questions with no hesitation. Adrian is the only person you can really trust to fix your xbox 360, I'm telling everyone about him....thanks Adrian! " - Luis (email) on 11/07/2007

" Adrian fixed my XBOX360!!! I am going to recommend him to all my friends. " - Daniel (email) on 11/06/2007

" My 360 gave up on me and I came upon Adrians ad. I was very skeptical because I live in Miami and he's in California. I still took a chance and it definetly payed off. Microsoft wanted me to wait 8 weeks and it was just 2 with Adrian it works as if nothing happen. A++++++ service. Would recommend to anyone. " - Max (email) on 11/02/2007

" Adrian has come through for me on various occasions (3 to be exact!)and hasn't failed me once. Very easy guy to get along with and his service is spot on. What I love most is if you have questions, he is direct and precise. " - Johnny (email) on 10/29/2007

" Adrian saved my weekend!! i was headed out of town for a family gathering & was going to bring the 360 with me, when the night before my 360 decided to show up with Red lights of Death!! Emailed Adrian & he showed up Friday night, did his thing added the extra fan & now my 360 is running great no issues & a lot cooler also. Thanks again!! Very cool guy & professional. " - Jeric (email) on 10/22/2007

" What a stand up guy! Although there had been a couple of hindrances in scheduling the fix, Adrian still came through for me with flying colors! I'm quite happy seeing my xbox up and running again! Thanks alot man! Nice doing business with you! " - Gbert15 on 10/17/2007

" After ordering a bad 360 from Ebay... then calling xbox to have them just screw me over.... i turn to Adrian... not only did this guy fix my 360, he gave me great tips on how to keep it cool and clean... i highly recommend this guy over XBOX any day! thanks once again Adrian! " - Joseph on 10/12/2007

" It only took a little over an hour for him to fix my 360. The 3 red lights are now gone, my system has been working great. 360 guy is a very nice, likeable guy. Thanks again. " - Travis (email) on 10/12/2007

" adrian is the man! My Xbox360 was far worse than the 3-lights error, i had no video with green lights. Alot of people told me to send it to mircrosoft (which would have takin 1 month plus $200+ for non-warrenty) Adrian fixed my box in 1 day and for less than half of microsoft! It runs great and he even installed an extra fan. Thanks sooo much adrian, you saved my poor student ass. * if any one thinks this is non-legit, email me personally and ill vouch for adrian every time! " - Kyle Krep (email) on 10/05/2007

" Adrian... the 360 is working, and the extra fan inside is really doing the trick to keep it cool. Thanks again... " - Elmer on 10/01/2007

" This guy is awesome. He was really fast and a really nice guy. He also gave great information on how to properly take care of your 360. I can't recommend him enough. " - Joe on 09/25/2007

" fix360guy came to my house the same day I contacted him. I never saw anyone take so much pride in his work. He cleaned my 360's parts in the kitchen and scrubbed all the residue my 360 left over time. He fixed the 3 red ring problem and has been working flawlessly. Forget about sending it to Microsoft and expect a refurbished system. fix360guy can do it without the headaches. He is awesome! " - Emerson B. (email) on 09/20/2007

" Very nice guy!, fixed my X-box quicky and confidently...made excellent suggestions for xbox longevity...highly recommended " - kristopher on 09/18/2007

" Fast service at a very reasonable price! Thank you so much, not one problem since your fix. The unit stays very cool since I took your advice. Thank you again. " - Ray (email) on 09/13/2007

" I thought all hope was lost with my xbox 360 when i got the "Red Ring of Death". But it wasnt. Adrian came to my house, and had my system up and running in about 35 minutes flat. All that for $80. I would definitely recommend his services to anyone!!! " - Darryl on 09/12/2007

" If you're like me and can't be without your 360 for to long then you're in luck. I feel fortunate to have found him. My 360 is back in full effect, i couldnt be happier with the service i recieved, i definately reccomend 'fix360guy'! " - Shane (email) on 09/11/2007

" Really nice guy, came to my house and picked up my 360. Brought it back a few days later and it is working fine so far. " - Irving on 09/10/2007

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