- XBOX 360 repairs service in Toronto area, Ontario, GTA, also @ your home



I do provide 3 red lights repair service and other xbox 360 repairs.

I DO NOT do modding.


1. Q: What do I have to bring?
A: Only the console, no hard drive, no cables, no controllers, etc CONSOLE ONLY !!!

2. Q: Do you do the towel trick?
A: No, the towel trick is a temporary fix.

3. Q: Where do you live?
A: Toronto, ON M6E 2L7

4. Q: Can I have the console shipped?
A: Yes, I've done shipments before.
You can ship it, pay me on paypal the repair fee+ shipping back to you.
Usually, I use UPS with tracking #

5. Q: Do you do modding?
A: No.

6. Q: Do you sell backup games?
A: No.

7. Q: The dvd drive acts weird/doesn't eject/doesn't work/has "open tray" message/doesn't play games?
A: The dvd drive is the problem. A replacement is needed. Take a look here, match with your drive (eject your dvd drive) and let me know what type do you have. Contact me via email.

8. Q: What type of dvd drive you use?
A: I use only Toshiba Samsung.

9. Q: Extra fees?
A: If the console was repaired before by you or someone else, and it's very hard for me to fix it, I might charge $20 more. Usually I do charge that for E74 and other E* errors and also no video/no audio, no video/audio only.

NOTE : if something happens with your console, being under the warranty, please call me or email me and let me know. Excuses "I was out of town, and a month ago, the console broke again", does NOT work for me. Thank you!

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